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By: Hugo Luis Alberto Repetto Posted date: April 07, 2014 Comments: 0

Web treat is a set of 125 best premium and free social media icons and button sets download collection.

Social media icons play such a huge role in driving traffic to your blog or website.

Over the past several months many other blogs have compiled their list of website, social media, Twitter and other icons, so in case you missed them here is the motherload collection!

They have really become a “must have” feature. This large collection of recently released icon sets is supposed to help designers improve their designs on their web sites and in web applications.


Free Awesome Social Media icons

Social media icons have a main role to play with large audience. Social media icons gives the spark to the websites and blogs to grab the people.
We can say that the social media icons are the backbone of the social world just like websites and blogs. The placement of social media icons are decided to be placed on blogs or websites by the designers and bloggers. They choose the right place for social media icons to draw the attention of target audience to their blogs and websites.
Without social media icons designers and bloggers cannot think to show their work with target market.
We can also say that the social media icons become the backbone of social world.
Today i designed awesome social media icons to fulfill the social need. These icons can be placed on both light and dark backgrounds.
Give a nice and professional look to your blog by having these professional awesome social media icons. These icons are designed in Psd format. Pngs are also available.
Feel free to download and enjoy.


40 Free Social Media Icons (PNGs & Ai File)

Today i design 40 social media icons. These icons gives a professional and unique look to your blogs and websites. These icons can be use in both light and dark background websites & blogs. Give a unique and professional look to your websites and blogs by using these social media icons. Social media icons are available in Ai (vector file) and also in PNGs. Feel free to download and enjoy it.


35 Bright Free Social Icons

This is a “social” iconset I created some months ago.
I’m giving it away for free, both for personal and commercial uses (credits are welcome). -Cristian Iaccarino


Free PSD Social Media Icons Pack

Here is a PSD with some social icons in vector format. There are even two different versions: rounded and square. The icons are colorful and based on flat style, very minimal. Just enjoy it.


Ridiculously Responsive Free Social Media Sharing Buttons

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons (RRSSB) performed SAS, so that you can easily customize by setting a small number of variables. SVGS allow small file size and supports the retina. Add or remove icons on your own – automatically fill in the rest of the container. Adding class to anchor tag structure for each action button to make participation in the dialogue open a popup window instead of in a new window.


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