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By: Hugo Luis Alberto Repetto Posted date: April 08, 2014 Comments: 0

Web treat is a set of 125 best premium and free social media icons and button sets download collection.

Social media icons play such a huge role in driving traffic to your blog or website.

Over the past several months many other blogs have compiled their list of website, social media, Twitter and other icons, so in case you missed them here is the motherload collection!

They have really become a “must have” feature. This large collection of recently released icon sets is supposed to help designers improve their designs on their web sites and in web applications.


Flat Icons

Find any icon you need in an instant by using the Quick Search App. No more wasting time browsing through the whole set. just type the name of the icon, and the app uses smart tags to easily figure out which icon you are looking for. Then either drag the psd into photoshop, or copy the class name or unicode value for easy implementation into your website with the use of the icon font!


Social Media Icons Freebie

Made a tumblr theme & had to create some clean & simple social media icons in adobe FW, Here they are all for your use and your use only ;)
Please note that the only icon I did not create was the Instagram icon, this one was supplied by the one & only @Matt Gentile so thank him for that one ;)


Free Flat Social Media Icon Set

Couldn’t find a icon set to suit my needs so i made my own.

YouTube, Dribbble, RSS, Google Plus, Vine, Paypal, Sound Cloud, Spotify, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, Flickr, Dropbox, Deviantart, LinkedIn, Twitter, Behance, Kickstarter, Yahoo, Blogger, HTML5, CSS3, Grooveshark, Github (x2), Basecamp, Code School, Evernote, Forrst, Foursquare

Free esp download @ http://allanmcavoy.co.uk/lab/


Luketctaylor Social Icons Kit

I’ve seen lots of .psd social icons around but few decent vector icons. Download the attached .eps file for a great set of free social media icons. Enjoy!


Luketctaylor Social Icons Kit

I’ve seen lots of .psd social icons around but few decent vector icons. Download the attached .eps file for a great set of free social media icons. Enjoy!


Social Media Icons

Put together a full set of 89 social media icons. Full permission to download, use, edit, share etc.


FREE Flat Social Icons EPS

Download for free this super cool minimalist flat icons ready to print, share on the web or do whatever you want. Full scalable vector EPS file. Design based on grid to get extreme precision and shape consistency.


Flat Social Media Icon Set

This flat social media icon set contains 16 of the most used social services with 2 variations: circular and squared which both come with color and black and white iterations. They are 100% vectored for your use in any of your projects, we have also included exported sets as 36px PNGs to make your life a little bit easier. You are free to use these however you wish but a back-link would be lovely but not required.


Social Network Icons

Was finally getting around to doing some more lkd.to stuff, which meant working on a set of glyphs so I can quickly use them again and again in all the lovely coming-soon themes.

Figured: if they’re useful for me, they’ve got to be useful for you guys too. So here’s some social network icon glyphs. Enjoy!



Here is a collection of social vector icons/pictograms free for you to download. – Collected from various icons packs and individual brand/logo-banks.


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