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Windows 10 PCs come with two keyboard apps, one is the OnScreen Keyboard , and the other is the Touch Keyboard . Basically, you don't need a touch screen to use the on-screen keyboard. It displays a virtual keyboard on the screen and you can use the mouse to select and press the keys.

Although the on-screen keyboard app is very useful when we don't have a physical keyboard, its size is always a problem for users. You can move or enlarge the virtual keyboard from the icons in the upper right corner. If you want, you can also easily resize it.

How to change the size of the touch and on-screen keyboard in Windows 10 1

Changing the size of the on-screen keyboard is very easy. Type On-Screen Keyboard in your Windows search and run the desktop app, or you can also go via Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard> Turn on the On-screen keyboard.


To change the size of the on-screen keyboard, move the cursor to the corner and drag it to the desired size.

How to change the size of the touch and on-screen keyboard in Windows 10 2

Resizing the touch keyboard is as simple as doing it! Just drag it and resize it using its corners, to the size you want.

The virtual keyboard was specifically designed for tablet users, but PC users can also use it whenever they need it. To launch the virtual keyboard, go to Settings > Devices> Typing and Toggle on «Add the standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option.


If you use the virtual keyboard regularly, it is suggested that you place it on the taskbar. This will leave an icon on your taskbar, and you can get quick and easy access to the virtual keyboard.


source: https://www.pchardwarepro.com/como-cambiar-el-tamano-del-teclado-tactil-y-en-pantalla-en-windows-10/

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