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windows_7Windows themes always seem to be a big hit. With the launch of Windows 7, the themes for Windows 7 have been in high demand. 
These themes are free, both on Microsoft's part and the other ones as well. 
Windows 7 has been developed keeping in mind the different points of views of the users and the commentators, because it's very easy to use and light to carry. 
I've created a compilation where you can find many Windows 7 (W7) themes. 
Take a look at some of these themes, some are really attractive based on Windows 7 and others are based on games, cars, vehicles, animations, just to name a few.

Windows Strata40

Download Info of Windows Strata40
Blaque :: Final::

Download Info of Blaque :: Final::
Winter Mac Theme on W7

Download Info of Winter Mac Theme on W7
Sonye Theme for Win7 v2

Download Info of Sonye Theme for Win7 v2

Download Info of Elegant-Glass-V2
Windows 7 Remix

Download Info of Windows 7 Remix
Windows Phone 7 Theme

Download Info of Windows Phone 7 Theme
Windows 8 themes in Windows 7

Download Info of Windows 8 themes in Windows 7
Aerosnap 7 Theme

Download Info of Aerosnap 7 Theme
December 2010 V 2.0

Download Info of December 2010 V 2.0
Desk 09 with New Windows 7 OS

Download Info of Desk 09 with New Windows 7 OS
Halloween Windows 7 Theme

Download Info of Halloween Windows 7 Theme
Mac Theme Windows 7 Desktop

Download Info of Mac Theme Windows 7 Desktop
NOOTO port to Win7

Download Info of NOOTO port to Win7
OneWorld Theme For Windows 7 Released

Download Info of OneWorld Theme For Windows 7 Released
Shades of Sunset Theme

Download Info of Shades of Sunset Theme
Tequilla for 7

Download Info of Tequilla for 7
Vista pink pastel Theme Win7

Download Info of Vista pink pastel Theme Win7
Windows 7 Dark Theme

Download Info of Windows 7 Dark Theme
Windows 7 Skull Visual Style

Download Info of Windows 7 Skull Visual Style
Windows7 Black Transparent

Download Info of Windows7 Black Transparent
Zune QuickPlay for Win7

Download Info of Zune QuickPlay for Win7
How to Install a Theme
I wanted to first of all thank you for visiting the post. I hope some of you find these themes interesting. Now I will show you how to install them.
Basically, to use the majority of these themes you have to download a patch for your PC, this is simple and there is a software that will do it. Also, you have the option to revert the changes that you have made on the PC.
1.- DOWNLOAD Universal Theme Patcher
Size: 32 KB
System: Windows XP/Vista/7
Company: Deepxw
DOWNLOAD : 32 bits
DOWNLOAD : 64 bits
"Program that allows you to use any non-official theme on Windows XP, Vista or Seven easily"
After downloading and installing the correct archive, a window will people where you can select language, in our case English.

Click “OK” to continue. The next windows will present information about your operating system, click "yes" to continue. Next, a window will present a list of files that the operating system needs to modify, click "Patch" on each one of them.
Close any program that you may have open and restart your computer so that the changes occur. Next try to install the theme that you planned to have.
SOURCE: http://www.bajaki.com/download/universal-theme-patcher.htm
DETAILED DESCRIPTION :http://www.puntogeek.com/2009/11/05/como-instalar-temas-en-windows-7/
2.- COPY the theme to the Windows File
Once you have restarted your PC, Download the theme you wish to install or if you've already installed in, find the file, unzip it (most are either ZIP or RAR) and copy the .theme file with it's respective folder to

You should see in the Themes Folder :

2.- Apply your Favorite Theme
Go to the Control Panel -> Personalize and choose the theme you have copied
You should see something similar to this in the Personalize window
Designed by Tarin Yuangtrakul
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