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Year 1985 : Windows 1985
The First Version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 1.0, with simple applications and the concept of multitasking on PC

Year 1987 : Windows 2.0
The Second Version of Windows, Windows 2.0 with some fixes and the Control Panel.

Year 1988 : Windows 2.1
The Second Version of Windows with some additions, and some fixes, Windows 2.1, the Paint software is seen in this one! 
Year 1990 : Windows 3.0
The Third Version of Windows, Windows 3.0, featuring the File Manager and Program Manager, replacing the old MS DOS based File and Program Managers.
Year 1992 : Windows 3.1
This version of Windows had support for 32-bit Disk Access, Personalization options and had the Minesweeper game for the first time.
Year 1995 : Windows 95
With Windows 95 came the new template – the changed look, the new interface and the beginning of the form of Windows which we see now. Enhanced Graphics and better Communication Programs.
Year 1998 : Windows 98
One of the most successful versions of Windows, this version of Windows can still be seen in some PCs even today. With Extended Softwares, better Performance, this Version was the first milestone in the path of the development of Windows.

Year 2000 : Windows ME or Millenium Edition
Though this edition of Windows did not enjoy the popularity enjoyed by Windows 98, it still had some better tools and performance than the previous ones in some cases. One of the reasons for this edition not gaining popularity could be attributed to the success of Windows XP.

Year 2001 : Windows XP
The Daddy of all versions of Windows, the most popular version of windows even today. Windows XP is still used today because of its unmatched performance, tools and interface. This has been the best version of Windows till the arrival of Windows 7.

Year 2006 : Windows Vista
Like Windows ME, Windows Vista too didn’t go well in the public, but still its a good version of Windows specially for the interface the Windows Aero Effect, making the Window Transparency work like magic.

Year 2009 : Windows 7
The best version of Windows till date. With the new and advanced features such as the Superbar, this version of Windows created another milestone for Microsoft after Windows 98 and Windows XP. Windows 7 features an unbeatable user interface, and powerful tools along with stability that makes it the best among the rest.

Year 2012 : Windows 8
Yet to be released, Windows 8 is being tested. The interface of Windows 8 as seen at the D9 Conference. A better version of Windows as proposed by Microsoft, with the changed User Interface.

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