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1.- 10 Free Online UI Testing Tools For Web Designers and Developers.

1. W3C Markup Validation ServicesThe most vital step beforehand launching a website is Website Testing. Website Testing means that we require run our website over all essential tests like Responsive Design Test, Security Test, Accessibility Test, Cross Browser Compatibility, Website Speed Test etc. Website Testing has an excessive influence on Cross Platform Tests SEO, Search Engine Ranking, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Design of Web Pages, Improved Security etc. So it is very vital for web developers, to test a website before launching it.There are many amazing tools everywhere which are being used by web developers to carry out Website Testing and recognize associated complications.

2.- Ballmer Exits: Microsoft Inks Deal With ValueAct That May Lead To Board Seat.

microsoft-sede-redmondToday Microsoft announced that it has reached a “cooperation agreement” with ValueAct Capital, an investment company that had been a thorn in its side. It was said that ValueAct wanted a seat on Microsoft’s board. Instead, Microsoft and ValueAct have come to a different agreement, in which the president of ValueAct – Mason Morfit – and Microsoft directors will meet to talk over issues relating to the company. Morfit will also be given a chance at joining the board, after the company’s annual shareholder meeting. ValueAct owns 0.8% of Microsoft’s outstanding shares. It’s a hefty investment, one that is large enough for the investor to command the attention of the company’s board.

3.- Microsoft and Google to sue government over transparency.

microsoft vs googleNegotiations between big tech companies and the government to disclose their cooperation have broken down. Things may change today. In a blog entry by Microsoft General Counsel & Executive Vice President, Legal & Corporate Affairs Brad Smith, the company explained how negotiations with the government over permission "…to publish sufficient data relating to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) orders" have faltered. Both Microsoft and Google will proceed with litigation to seek permission from the FISA court. Ever since the public disclosure of the NSA's surveillance programs by former contractor Edward Snowden, Microsoft, Google and many other companies have called on the government to allow them to disclose the extent of their cooperation so that customers and foreign governments can make informed decisions about the trustworthiness of the companies' services.

4.- Tired of defending Windows 8.

windows_8_dream_bliss_by_vinis13-d3bjv3jI am a long time Windows user, I've worked on every Windows OS ever since 3.11. When Windows 8 was officially released, I immediately bought it and upgraded my existing 7 Installation. I was prepared for the worst..made a back-up, copied everything to external HDD's, nothing could go wrong, but I was still worried. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised. The upgrade process was extremely smooth, fast and easy. It finished within 30 minutes and after the introduction to Windows 8, I was greeted by the heavily criticized Start Menu. I went to desktop mode to check if all drivers survived the upgrade process and they all did. No driver-problems at all. I noticed that this OS felt smoother and faster than 7. It took me about an hour to figure out all the new stuff and after I had gotten used to everything, I was very happy with my new fully functional OS.

5.- New breakthrough could bring quantum encryption to smartphones.

Quantum-Encryption-640x353In light of recent events, you have to wonder where your data is really going every time you pull the phone of of your pocket and type your deepest, darkest secrets into it. Even with encrypted connections, a third party could access all the data if they managed to surreptitiously snatch the encryption key. Then there’s the concern that encryption as we know it isn’t as secure as we once thought. A shining beacon of hope that would allow us to reclaim our mobile privacy may be coming as a result of a breakthrough in quantum cryptography. Traditionally, quantum cryptography has been extremely difficult to get working, even in advanced quantum optics labs. To create a secure quantum encryption connection, two systems must be perfectly aligned in the same general vicinity. The two devices can then precisely modulate individual photons to communicate a quantum encryption key.

6.- Microsoft confirms Windows 8.1 RTM.

windows-8.1-apps-view-search-640x400Microsoft has confirmed that the final build of Windows 8.1 has been released to manufacturing (RTM), ready for the October 18 release of dozens of Windows 8.1-powered laptops, desktops, and tablets. Historically, the RTM is released to OEMs when the operating system is completely finished — for Windows 8.1, though, Microsoft has redefined the phrase to mean “it’s still buggy and unfinished, but we need to give it to our OEMs otherwise we’ll fall behind schedule.” As a result, MSDN and TechNet subscribers — developers, IT admins, and enthusiasts — will not get access to Windows 8.1 until it’s released to consumers. This will come as a deeply worrying shock to developers, who are now hamstrung in their development of apps that take advantage of Windows 8.1′s new features.

7.- Windows 7 Themes.

windows_7Windows themes always seem to be a big hit. With the launch of Windows 7, the themes for Windows 7 have been in high demand.

These themes are free, both on Microsoft's part and the other ones as well.

Windows 7 has been developed keeping in mind the different points of views of the users and the commentators, because it's very easy to use and light to carry.

I've created a compilation where you can find many Windows 7 (W7) themes.

Take a look at some of these themes, some are really attractive based on Windows 7 and others are based on games, cars, vehicles, animations, just to name a few.

8.- Windows Media Player 12 Themes for Windows 7

Bored of your default Windows Media Player Skins?.
Grab some fresh and new Windows Media Player 12 themes for Windows 7!

Windows Media Player 12 Codecs

Windows Media Player 12 comes with support for DivX and MP4, but it still lacks supports for many other video formats.
(amr | mpc | ofr | divx | mka | ape | flac | evo | flv | m4b | mkv | ogg | ogv | ogm | rmvb | xvid)

9.- Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that, when pressed, can be used to perform a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device.

Keyboard shortcuts can make it easier to interact with your computer, saving you time and effort as you work with Windows and other programs. Most programs also provide accelerator keys that can make it easier to work with menus and other commands. Check the menus of programs for accelerator keys.

If a letter is underlined in a menu, that usually means that pressing the Alt key in combination with the underlined key will have the same effect as clicking that menu item.

10.-  Top 20 Best Peer to Peer (P2P) File Sharing Programs and Applications.

Traditional Downloading of programs and application from a website has become outdated as well as there are not many website providing free software for download. Another medium for downloading and sharing of files is peer to peer file sharing Networks & Programs and it has grown to tremendous level with many networks having more then millions of users to share software’s, Music files, Videos and Programs etc.
With increase in popularity of Peer to Peer (P2P) network it has become one of medium for spreading of Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Malware thru this file sharing applications. Users are seeking for clean, Safe, Fastest and Best p2p file sharing applications.

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