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By: Hugo Luis Alberto Repetto Posted date: March 14, 2012 Comments: 0

Font Installation

I’ve gotten several queries in the past week regarding font installation in Windows 7.

It seems the old start menu route - the standard installation process going back to Windows v2 - is no longer in existence.

Luckily, the new process is actually a pretty big improvement, and is incidentally similar to the way that the system and Fontbook manage type on the Mac OS.

Under Windows 7, to install a font, simply double click on the font file itself. At the top of the resulting preview window, you’ll see an option to install that particular font (as well as a button to print a simple specimen); once activated, though, the font may not be available to currently-running applications right away - you might need to quit and restart your apps to have it available.

I’ve tested this process with TT, PS and OTF font files and all seem to install smoothly.

You can also manually manage your fonts in Windows 7. That particular process also works well - in reverse - to deactivate type.

The Curious Appeal Of Windows 7

I probably shouldn’t be saying this on a Mac site, but reputation be damned: I’m quite interested to see Windows 7. Let me explain why. (Hang on while I put on my flame-proof jacket. There.)

THING THE FIRST: I want a netbook. I want a cheap, tiny, low-power little computer that does text editing and web browsing. Something I can chuck in my bag and forget about, but be sure it’ll be there as and when I need it. I don’t want to play games on it. I don’t want to mess with my photos on it. I don’t want to make phone calls on it. It doesn’t need a lot of disk space. But it does need a keyboard.

THING THE SECOND: I cannot afford to buy a MacBook Air. And anyway, it doesn’t offer the battery life I’m looking for.

THING THE THIRD: I don’t think Apple’s going to be producing a netbook like this any time soon.

THING THE FOURTH: But I wish they would.

THING THE FIFTH: Windows 7 is on the way, it’ll run on netbooks, and – this is the important bit – I think it’s the first version of Windows that I might have a chance of getting on with.


Because it, ahem, borrows rather a lot of ideas from Mac OS X.

Let’s see now: it removes unnecessary icons from the Desktop. It makes the Task Bar more Dock-like. It adds a system-wide search box to the Start Menu, from which you can launch apps, open files, access preferences (sorry, options), much in the manner of the Spotlight menu.

What’s more, reports tell us that Windows 7 is less bloated than Vista, runs on more humble spec machines, is somewhat more secure, and runs faster too.

So, in summary: this is the first version of Windows I’ve seen that I’ve seriously considered actually using. And until Apple finds that string of DNA that enables it to make cheap, low-power computers, it will remain an option I’ll consider.

Or maybe I should just get a Linux-based netbook (and optionally install OS X on it regardless) and save myself the bother.

The Curious Case of Boxee Windows (& MCE/MS-DVR)...
I've been on this strange and mysterious journey to try to get my recorded TV shows(no DRM) to be recognized and categorized by Boxee to no avail.

I know that Windows alpha was late in the Boxee timeline, kind of like a baby but with an 'old man' inside. This little baby couldn't speak or understand Win MCE recorded TV unless force fed (via browse to the file and then it would play). BUT, that doesn't leverage one of the main niceties of Boxee's UI, TV Shows!

I'm Dying in the End Too

On this journey, I've tried to play by the rules and change the filename to Boxee's recognized TV show format, but this starts me down a strange, perplexing, frustrating, psychedelic journey.

Renaming to the recognized filename formats for TV shows: 1) This throws disk errors in MCE and 2) Boxee still doesn't see them anyway...So here goes...

1) Use MCEBuddy, a freeware MS-DVR converter, to convert to DivX AVI (you pick whatever other type you want), but that doesn't get things into Boxee yet. or use DVRMSToolbox.

2) I have to now take those files and use a batch file renaming utility to get to the S##E## format (or similar) BUT there's another hitch. MS-DVR files have only date and time stamp in the filename, which means a TWO digit series and episode # are not possible to organize some semblance of order (could use 2 for series - YY; need 4 digits for episode at least MMDD). And no, there are no series and episode # metadata available for ms-dvr's.

3) But the fun isn't over yet in this magical journey. While MCE (and other competent DVR programs) handle drive space quotas for recording pro-actively, now that I've ported my ms-dvr files, MCE can't manage and as new episodes are recorded/converted, the files list just grows and grows and grows.

4) To other DVR software fans, I like free, VMCE is a polished DVR solution, I like free, this is a Windows centric post.

So, Boxee team, please consider this curious case of simply getting my TV shows to appear in your beautiful application and consider a simpler method...

...adding native recognition of MS-DVR filenames, they are a constant,
There is a title tag and episode name tag that could be leveraged to help. (don't forget WTV extension for future Win 7 users) to your scanning routine and bring joyous cheers to your Windows fans :-))

Consider also, the Windows community, rather large install base , growing use of media centers, not having DVR aspirations yourself and the draw this would have to Boxee setting and (almost) forgetting MCE DVR and giving some lovin to Boxee!


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