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By: Hugo Luis Alberto Repetto Posted date: April 12, 2015 Comments: 0

1.- Adobe AIR Beta: new features for out-of-browser application development.

The Adode® Flash® Platform runtimes, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR®, allow developers to create rich experiences – from console quality games and interactive content to full HD premium video – for desktop browsers as well as desktop and mobile apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android mobile d

2.- 40 Free Fonts Ideal For Retro And Vintage Designs (Chapter I).

Vintage and retro style designs can be a beautiful thing. By using a combination of rough textures, grunge patterns and brushes meant to add an aged or used appearance, designers can easily pull of this timeless look. To compliment this aged appearance, it is important to use the proper typogra...


3.- How Coursera, A Free Online Education Service, Will School Us All.

Christos Porios, 16, lives in Alexandroupolis, a small Greek city on the Aegean Sea about 20 miles from Greece's eastern border with Turkey. "My mother's a teacher and my father's a mechanic," he explains, adding that neither is particularly knowledgeable about computers—especially compar...

4.- 50 Unique and Useful Websites on the Internet.

In the internet world when we surfing the browser we can see millions of websites, blogs, gaming sites. Websites are categorized as personal resource, travel, education, general internet etc. But if you visit a website that may be useful and interested for you but another one feels that’s not s...


5.- The Most Popular Post of December 2014 from The World of Windows.

1.- 30+ Best Photography Blogger Templates Free 2014. I have collected Blogger templates which is best for the Photography blog. You will Find below Best Photography Blogger Templates Free 2014. Blogger is very easy to use for posting, editing and optimize your Photography.  These Photography...

6.- 5 Ways to Customize Windows 8.

Windows 8 also inherits many of the customization options that were available in Windows 7—in the newer OS's desktop mode. Not only can you choose a desktop background, screensaver, and system sounds, but you can also take advantage of downloadable Themes, including some that are dynamically update...


7.- Windows 9 is now Windows 10: download.

On this page, we will be posting links to the various versions of Windows 10 that will be made available for download to the public. Update – 8/21/2014 A preview version of the upcoming OS is now expected to be unveiled and it seems that we have a set date. The newest updates have Microsoft sc...


8.- Weather Forecastintegrates the Weather Channel Mobile Site into your browser.

Weather Forecastintegrates the Weather Channel Mobile Site into your browser. Features Get all the weather information you need Get access to all of the weather.com top stories Fully customizable weather maps with satellite and terrain views and layers like temperature, rain, and snow ...


9.- Media Converter is a complete cross-platform solution to convert audio and video files

Media Converter is a complete cross-platform solution to convert audio and video files. After installation, a toolbar button will be placed in your Firefox toolbar. By clicking on the button, the conversion window appears. This window will let you perform the following operations: MP3 conversi...


10.- Cache Statusis an easy cache status and management tool located right in your address-bar.

Features An icon sits on your address-bar and tells you the current cache status of your browser If the extension takes too much space of your address-bar, use the settings to switch to the compact mode It is possible to manually refresh cache status at any-time form right-click contex ...

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