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By: Hugo Luis Alberto Repetto Posted date: January 25, 2014 Comments: 0

Torrents are turned as first choice for people to download the applications. However, finding the best torrents site is little time taking process. In technical terms “torrent is the compressed text that redirects to exact path of the file stored on server.”

Today maximum users are referring Kickass, Pirate Bay, Iso Hunt, Torrentz, Bitsnoop and some more sites to download torrents files, though each site is having diverse feature. The initial thing is you have to learn the installation and download method of torrent site. BitTorrent is the software that can be used to download the files.

The frequent question that people have in their mind is “What are the most popular torrent sites and approximately how popular they are?”

Finding the solution for such query gave the list of top sites that are available for torrent downloading. Some best websites for torrents:

torrent hurt-locker-pirate-graphic

1. Pirate Bay: One of the popular websites of torrents is Pirate Bay which is operational since 2003. Approximately 1 billion users are accessing this site in one month. Pirate Bay is similar to BitTorrent, but the connectivity of Priate Bay is better than BitTorrent.

2. Kickass: Next website listed for torrent download is Kickass founded in 2009. Last year the site was under top 3 positions of best torrent websites.

3. Torrentz: Third website that people are using is Torrentz. This site redirects the users to different servers for safe and fast download.

4. ISOHunt: In last two years this website got huge popularity. The list of users is increasing for IsoHunt because it filters the keyword in correct manner and provides the exact results. Filter for keyword is provided by MPAA.

5. 1337x: one more website popular for torrent downloads is 1337x. This website focuses on community aspects so we can say it stores and resume the download of file in different manner. 1337x website was listed on 5th position in 2013 best torrents website list.

Few more websites that are on top 10 positions are Torrent reactor, H33t, EZTV, etc.

Selection of best website is based on the speed and connectivity. Trying several websites for downloading torrent file will help the user to understand the features of the site.

Later user can decide which website is beneficial for him/her. Some websites are offering paid account registration. If you become the paid user you will get the dedicated download speed for torrent files. Free tools are time taking and sometime disconnects the download because the companies give preference to paid users of the website.

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