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The most vital step beforehand launching a website is Website Testing. Website Testing means that we require run our website over all essential tests like Responsive Design Test, Security Test, Accessibility Test, Cross Browser Compatibility, Website Speed Test etc.

Website Testing has an excessive influence on Cross Platform Tests SEO, Search Engine Ranking, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Design of Web Pages, Improved Security etc. So it is very vital for web developers, to test a website before launching it.

There are many amazing tools everywhere which are being used by web developers to carry out Website Testing and recognize associated complications.

Here, we have listed 10 great tools which you may make use of to test your website.

W3C Markup Validation Services

1. W3C Markup Validation Services

A W3C Validator can examine a markup of any website and display inaccuracies as per its standards. There are numerous assistance related with W3C validation such as future-proof feature check, cross browser compatibility, amplified load speed of web pages, easy repairs & fixing, better search engine ranking etc.

PageSpeed Insights

2. PageSpeed Insights

Speed is the most significant characteristic of any website. In the current period, everybody anticipates a website to load as rapidly as possible. PageSpeed Insights is an online website speed testing tool which offers strategies to advance the speed and performance of a website, after examining its web pages.


3. Browsershots

Browsershots checks the cross browser compatibility of your website. It is an open source online web application. It makes screenshots of your website in diverse browsers and OS.

Web Accessibility Checker (AChecker)

4. (AChecker)

AChecker is an open source web approachability checking tool. It was built by the Inclusive Design Research Centre of the University of Toronto, in 2009. It is used to calculate HTML content for availability concerns. To use this tool, you have to submit a web page URL or you can upload its HTML file or paste the whole HTML source code.


5. Watcher

Watcher is principally a Fiddler add-on which is utilized by diffusion testers to discover web safety concerns. It is a reflexive susceptibility scanning tool for HTTP based web apps. The term “Passive” means it is not dangerous for cloud, hosting & construction locations.


6. AccessColor

AccessColor tests the color brightness and color contrast among the background and forefront of all components in the Document Object Model (DOM). It is used to discover the appropriate color mixtures within HTML & CSS documents rather than searching each value to input yourself.


7. Selenium

Selenium is an open source testing framework for web applications. It is based on Java scripting. It offers a set of options that can be utilized to form a comprehensive automation test suite. It was built by Jason Huggins, nine years back.


8. Solex

Solex is an open source web testing tool which acts as a HTTP proxy. It is being used as a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE. It can record, regulate and repeat a client period. It records all HTTP requests and replies amongst client and server.


9. Ettercap

Ettercap is a free web safekeeping tool for man-in-the-middle bouts. Its roles comprise seizing passwords, interrupting traffic on a network section, content cleaning on the fly, snuffling of live influences etc. It supports active and passive partition of numerous protocols and can be used for computer network protocol examination as well as safekeeping checking.


10. Screenqueries

Screenqueri.es is a free-to-use responsive design testing app. It delivers 30 diverse device steadfastness presets to check responsive design of your website. You can also verify your design with convention resolutions and alter the alignment to check if it is functioning as it should be or not.

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