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By: Hugo Luis Alberto Repetto Posted date: May 25, 2013 Comments: 0

1.- 30 Extraordinary Photoshop Tutorials to Master Photo Effects

photoshopEvery designer needs inspiration to move ahead and make something incredible, and each one uses a Photoshop a premier photo editing software which can do the trick.
Image manipulation has been done from many years in form of web design, print advertisements, online ads etc. to create such extraordinary photos we have made this collection of Photoshop tutorials to master the art of photo effects.
Each tutorial has detailed step by step instructions, we have linked the tutorials with original source, where you will have many things to learn. Every website in the list below has something extra for Photoshop lovers. So, let’s enjoy the photo editing carnival and make some beautiful manipulation in your next project.

2.- Designing the Windows 8 touch keyboard.

windows8_w8_001-300x299When we began planning how touch and new types of PCs might work on Windows 8, we recognized the need to provide an effective method for text entry on tablets and other touch screen PCs. Since Windows XP SP1, which had Tablet PC features built in, Windows has included a touchable on-screen keyboard. But those features were designed as extensions to the desktop experience. 
For Windows 8, we set out to improve on that model and introduce text input support that meets people’s needs, matches our design principles, and works well with the form factors we see today and expect to see in the future.
I’m writing this blog post on our Windows 8 touch keyboard using the standard QWERTY layout in English. As I look at it, the keyboard seems very simple and sort of obvious. This comes partly from having worked on it for a while, but also because keyboards are familiar to us. But there is more here than meets the eye (or, fingertips).

3.-  Tips to prevent Windows 7 auto shutdown problem.

Windows 7 auto shutdown is one most relevant and frequent issue faced by the maximum number of users. This problem may arise due to several reasons related to the system.
The Windows 7 auto shutdown can be possibly caused by hardware as well software compatibility problems. But most of these issues come up due to hardware conflicts which fail to support their respective drives.
These Windows 7 errors can be sorted out with the help of utility software which are widely available in the market. Using their assistance, one can get rid of these issues along with several others as well.
The required tips to stop the Windows 7 auto shutdown problems are as follows:
Repair the registry of the system
Make use of a cleaner
Uninstall the corrupt program and restore the system
Make use of virus cleaner

4.- Download Vista Skin Pack 5.0 Ultimate For Free.

Microsoft’s one of best operating system Vista didn’t got its hold on Windows XP users who are addicted to Windows XP because of its simplicity and stability over Vista.
But one thing which might be better in vista then XP is Look and feel.Their are lots of Skin pack and Transformation packs are available for Windows XP to make its look and feel like windows Vista.
But not all Skin packs and Transformation packs are free and don’t give exact look and feel of Vista. Here is one of best freeware Skin pack for Windows XP which is small in size and outcome is exactly like Windows Vista Ultimate.
Vista Skin Pack 5.0 (VPS) which is latest release of Vista Skin pack has many good features.
Features of Vista Skin Pack 5.0
- Small in Size, gives exact look of Vista Ultimate
- Changes Icons, Animation, Pictures, and Menus to match Vista Style
- Supports Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3, Mediacenter Edition, Windows 2003
Screenshots of Vista Skin Pack 5.0 Ultimate in Action.

5.- Windows Media Center in Windows 7, Chapter 1

Windows Media Center (codenamed "Freestyle" during development) is an application with a 10-foot user interface design to serve as a home-entertainment hub for the living-room TV.
It is included in Windows XP Media Center Edition, premium editions of Windows Vista (Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate), and Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate).
It is designed to be controlled by special remote controls which prominently feature the Green Button (similar to the logo to the right), but can also be operated with a mouse and/or keyboard.
This button is used to either launch Media Center from Windows or to return to the Start Menu from within the application. Media Center plays the computer user's pictures, videos, and music from local hard drives, optical drives, and network locations. It then categorizes them by name, date, tags, and other file attributes. Media managed through Media Center can also be relayed via a home network to standard TV sets via the specially designed Windows Media Center Extender or the Xbox 360.

6.- Windows Media Player 12 Themes for Windows 7

Bored of your default Windows Media Player Skins?.
Grab some fresh and new Windows Media Player 12 themes for Windows 7!
Windows Media Player 12 Codecs
Windows Media Player 12 comes with support for DivX and MP4, but it still lacks supports for many other video formats.
(amr | mpc | ofr | divx | mka | ape | flac | evo | flv | m4b | mkv | ogg | ogv | ogm | rmvb | xvid)

The following skin packages includes some really awesome themes for your Windows Media Player:
  • Alienware Theme
  • Batman Theme
  • Catwoman Theme
  • Darkstar Theme
  • Half-Life Theme
  • Halo 2 Theme
  • The Last Samurai Theme
  • Stalker Theme
  • XBOX Theme
  • XSN Sports Them

7.- Top 20 Best Peer to Peer (P2P) File Sharing Programs and Applications.

Traditional Downloading of programs and application from a website has become outdated as well as there are not many website providing free software for download. Another medium for downloading and sharing of files is peer to peer file sharing Networks & Programs and it has grown to tremendous level with many networks having more then millions of users to share software’s, Music files, Videos and Programs etc.
With increase in popularity of Peer to Peer (P2P) network it has become one of medium for spreading of Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Malware thru this file sharing applications. Users are seeking for clean, Safe, Fastest and Best p2p file sharing applications.
After searching for hours on google I have got big list of safe and best peer to peer (P2P) program and application.

8.- Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

We highly recommend that you print this tutorial. Your computer will restart during the Windows 7 installation process, so having a printed copy will help you follow the steps if you can't return to this webpage.
Depending on your hardware and your current edition of Windows Vista, you can use the Upgrade option during Windows 7 installation to upgrade from Windows Vista to a corresponding or higher edition of Windows 7.
Upgrading is the most convenient way to get Windows 7 on your computer, because it keeps your files, settings, and programs from Windows Vista in place.
If your current edition of Windows Vista can't be upgraded to the edition of Windows 7 that you want to use, you can still install Windows 7 by using the Custom installation option instead. However, the Custom option doesn't preserve your files, programs, or settings. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to perform a custom installation, see Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 (custom installation).

9.-  Windows 7 Themes.

windows_7Windows themes always seem to be a big hit. With the launch of Windows 7, the themes for Windows 7 have been in high demand.
These themes are free, both on Microsoft's part and the other ones as well.
Windows 7 has been developed keeping in mind the different points of views of the users and the commentators, because it's very easy to use and light to carry.
I've created a compilation where you can find many Windows 7 (W7) themes.
Take a look at some of these themes, some are really attractive based on Windows 7 and others are based on games, cars, vehicles, animations, just to name a few.

10.- Don’t Hate on Windows 8 [Infographics].

Windows-8-logoIn the last two months, fierce debates surrounding Windows 8 have taken place all over the web.
While I haven’t tried out the consumer preview, I did get the chance to see it in action and it left me intrigued.
To put it simply: the new operating system seems like a bold move for Microsoft. Modeled after today’s wildly successful smartphones, Windows 8 could prove to be a real gambit in the PC world.
We’ve put together an infographic that breaks down the improvements and new features on  Windows 8.
I’m hardly a computer wiz, but reading up on Windows 8’s apps and cloud software sure makes me wonder how Microsoft’s big release will fare against Apple.
Check out the graphics below and let us know if you think Windows 8 can gain some ground against Apple’s OSX.
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