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By: Hugo Luis Alberto Repetto Posted date: May 28, 2011 Comments: 0

Google Chrome's default new tab page is already good -- and honestly, I seldom find myself clicking anywhere other than my bookmark toolbar when I add a tab. So while I might not need to change the new tab page, the Incredible Start Page extension certainly has me hooked regardless.

Install it, and your new tab page displays a sleek, three-paneled view which includes recently closed tabs, your bookmark toolbar folders, and random slides pulled from Flickr -- with any non-folder items from your bookmarks overlayed on the images.

There's also a sticky note where you can enter text and fire it off to a new GMail compose window. Text you jot down is saved, so it's also a handy place to leave yourself a reminder...Now if they would just tap in to Chrome's bookmark sync to make it reappear when I got to work...

Options allow you to choose from four Flickr keywords (clouds, sunset, nature, and star) and five color schemes.

It's a nice way to add some visual pop to Chrome's new tab page

6 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions For Playing Cool Games.

1. Avalanche

Install this fun game to kill time while waiting for slow sites to load, talking on the phone, or any other time you’d like a distraction! To start the game, hit any key. Use the arrow keys to move your character, and dodge the falling icicles.

2. Classic Games

Bored? Well lets play some your favorite classic games! The most addictive games to hit the web can be on your browser whenever you want to play it. Get ready for some crazy fun!!
Google-Chrome-Extensions-Games-Classic Games

3. JoyRack Games

JoyRack Games – Play hundreds of free online games. This Chrome extension lets you browse through the games under categories such as Action, Sports, Racing, Strategy, Puzzles etc and lets you play games right from the extension
Google-Chrome-Extensions-Games-JoyRack Games

4. Game Button

The Game Button lets you play many free online games directly from your browser with easy access to an endless stream of flash games and other popular online web games. Automatically updated daily so you can discover tons of new web browser games for playing directly from your browser as well as play your favorite classic games for free. Installing the Game Button gives you direct access to all your favorite online games and helps you find many new ones so you can waste all your free time.
Google-Chrome-Extensions-Games-Game Button

5Online Multiplayer Games

MGPOP is a casual online multiplayer gaming website built entirely in Flash. States on its homepage that it is a place to hang out, play free online multiplayer games, chat and make friends.
Google-Chrome-Extensions-Games-Online Multiplayer Games

6. Ping Pong 3D

This game is a 3D dimension! You have the option to play as easy or advanced in Ping-Pong

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