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One of the issues with cloud computing is how will it be managed? Assuming that the technology and OS and apps work as specified, will managers feel comfortable with this operation? After all, they have to support and manage it.

So here is Microsoft’s take on this problem. Yesterday at the Microsoft Management Summit,  there was a demonstration on how private clouds built with Microsoft technologies can help IT organizations meet their companies’ demands for more flexible services. The product is the new System Center 2012. It is designed to enable IT managers to deliver private cloud services that help the business teams, and provide ways to improve application performance. It also allows IT directors to make the most of their current technology investments as they pursue public cloud computing.

Compliance and management
Many business have told Microsoft that the business focus is helping their clients deliver the critical applications that will improve their profit structure, but being sure that the necessary controls and compliance factors are met. Many customers felt that the technology such as  virtualization and server consolidation were important in making cloud computing a reality, however, it is essential that management tools exist which provide information about how the apps themselves are doing on the cloud, and not just how to manage  the virtual machines.

Windows System Center.

SystemCenter Windows System Center   Private Cloud Computing and Management Tool

There are 7 applications that are part of the System Center

System Center Configuration Manager
This app works with servers to assess, deploys, and updates servers, and client computers, in a variety of contexts, such as physical, virtual, distributed, and mobile environments.

System Center Operations Manager
System Center Operations Manager is a service-management product that works with Microsoft software and applications.

Data Protection Manager
Delivering data protection and scalability services. It works with multiple applications such as  SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Virtualization and file servers; it also works with Windows desktops and laptops.

System Center Virtual Machine Manager
Virtualization, where you have operating systems inside an operating system, and the Virtual Machine Manager provides solution for today’s virtualized data center by providing centralized management.
System Center Essentials

This program is designed for midsize organizations. It provides a management solution to simply and perform complex management tasks across virtual and physical servers, PCs, hardware, software and IT services from a single console.

System Center Service Manager
The System Center Service Manager provides new capabilities for incident, problem, asset, and change management control.

This program provides IT automation processes for incident response, provisioning, virtual lifecycle management and change management.

AVIcode delivers .NET application performance monitoring capabilities of business-critical applications and services.

Source: Microsoft System Center

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