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By: Hugo Luis Alberto Repetto Posted date: January 23, 2011 Comments: 0

Provide the tips to restore your system operating on Windows 7 using the System Restore feature.

Restoration of a computer is the process with which the system is rolled back to previous functional state after some issues have come up. Restoration is the quick fix way to remove all issues with the system. System Restore was developed so that users can fix all issues themselves without having to the system to an authorized service centre.

Windows 7 comes with the System Restore feature. The System Restore feature in Windows 7 has a very simple interface so that it can be used by all kinds of users. System Restore feature makes use of Restore Points to restore the system. Restore points contain backup copies of all essential system files that can be used to roll back the system to an earlier time. Restore points on System Restore feature in Windows 7 can be created automatically or manually.

The System Restore feature on Windows 7 is located in the System Tools tab for easy access. Creating a restore point manually is always recommended as users would be able to add more information about the condition of the system at the time of creation of the restore point in its title.

Following details mentioned below gives users more information regarding role of System restore in Windows 7:

* Easy issue rectification
* Reverting settings
* Aids in data recovery

Easy issue rectification

System Restore is the best way to rectify any issues with your system operating on Windows 7. Even if there are complex issues on the system and the source of the issues cannot be found in anyway, system restore ensures that the problem is removed without any trace. As the complete system is restored any unknown issues that might have been with the system would be removed to get the system working in ideal condition.

Reverting settings.

If Windows 7 users had changed some of the settings on the system and the changes are causing many issues with the working of the system, system restore can be used to revert back all of the settings to default values. Restoring the system to an error-free state would resolve all issues that changed settings had brought upon the system.

Aids in data recovery.

The System Restore feature helps users to recover data on the system. In case some major issues do come up with the system and the Windows 7 OS has crashed, data on the system would be inaccessible. System Restore ensures that system is made back to working state so that the data can be accessed or copied onto another medium for safe keeping.


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