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Learn more about the role and features of Clock Gadget in Windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest version of operating system from Microsoft. It shares the basic Windows platform but is having entirely revived features and graphics interface which boosts its speed and functionality.

The Windows 7 OS is more customizable and resource friendly when compared with its predecessor Windows Vista but is a bit heavy on the graphics requirement needed to enable the much praised Windows Aero theme.

The Windows 7 is having excellent customization and personalization options like the desktop slideshow, custom color palette, desktop gadgets etc. that enable the users to modify the look and feel of Windows according to one’s tastes and requirements.

The Windows gadgets are small software widgets or light single purpose applications that can be placed on the Windows desktop to enhance the look and functionality of the desktop. The clock gadget in Windows 7 is a standalone analogue type clock widget that displays the time and name of the users. This feature is an added convenience as it is fairly big when compared to the Windows time display on the system tray and is having changeable themes or skins which changes the whole look of the gadget to suit the theme and desktop wallpaper.

The following points will provide more information regarding the various features and downloads available for the Clock Gadget in Windows 7:

* Features
* Microsoft gallery
* Support websites


The clock gadget allows the users to display time in the form of a small clock on the windows desktop. The main feature of the Windows 7 Clock Gadget is its changeable skin which allows the users to customize the appearance of the gadget by choosing between the different skins. The clock gadget in Windows 7 is having eight skins by default and the users can download and install more skins from the Internet if needed.

Microsoft gallery.

The Windows 7 users can download different types of clock gadgets and their skins from the gadget gallery of the original Microsoft support website. The Microsoft gadget gallery allows the users to download and install different skins and styles that are supported by the Windows 7 clock gadget for free. However, some of the skins and gadgets might be posted by different developers and the users are advised to download the files from trusted developers only in order to avoid future complications like malware infections.

Support websites.

The users can also obtain different gadgets and the skins for the clock gadget in Windows 7 from other support websites on the Internet. But the users are advised to download the gadgets and skins from trusted websites only. This is because the clock skins that are downloaded from suspicious websites might be containing some harmful programs like the viruses or malware which might cause harm to the system by infecting the files and data in the hard disk.

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