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By: Hugo Luis Alberto Repetto Posted date: November 01, 2010 Comments: 3

Windows 7 auto shutdown is one most relevant and frequent issue faced by the maximum number of users. This problem may arise due to several reasons related to the system.

The Windows 7 auto shutdown can be possibly caused by hardware as well software compatibility problems. But most of these issues come up due to hardware conflicts which fail to support their respective drives.

These Windows 7 errors can be sorted out with the help of utility software which are widely available in the market. Using their assistance, one can get rid of these issues along with several others as well.

The required tips to stop the Windows 7 auto shutdown problems are as follows:
Repair the registry of the system
Make use of a cleaner
Uninstall the corrupt program and restore the system
Make use of virus cleaner

Repair the registry of the system.
One of the most essential parts of an operating system is the system registry which needs to be properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

This is the place where one can find system information, configurations for hardware as well software, web browsing details along with all other system preferences and changes inculcated. The registry may pile up with more and more applications installed on the system and ultimately it goes bad resulting in the system auto shutdown.

The user needs to do a regular registry check so as to make sure that the system retains its performance.

Make use of a cleaner.
If the user faces issues with Windows 7 auto shutdown, one needs to make use of system cleaner. The inculcation of a cleaner will not only clean the system from corrupt and damaged items but also keeps a steady check on the system such that it does not experience any such issues in future. If the user does not have it installed, one can even download it from Internet and set it up on the system.

Uninstall the corrupt program and restore the system.

After the user faces issues with Windows 7 auto shutdown, one should try and analyze the cause of such a problem. In most of the scenarios, it has been observed that the issue has been caused due to a recently installed program on the system.

The user should find such programs which they have recently added to their system and try to remove them from add or remove program. After it is removed from the system, reboot the system and check if it is working fine.

The user can also go the respective website of those programs and download the latest updates so that the device comes with level terms with the driver. There is also the option of system restore which the user can make use of to roll back the system to an earlier date where the system was working without any issues.

Make use of virus cleaner.

The system may experience heavy slowdowns including automatic shut downs with the introduction infected items on the system. There is a possible chance that virus and other malware objects have entered the system and have damaged its system files. To avoid such scenarios, the user needs to keep antivirus programs or virus protection software which will fight against these infections and keep the system protected and safe. It also improves the performance and overall system life.

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