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The Evolution of Microsoft Windows [Infographics].

windows_flagWe felt it would be appropriate to share with readers an infographics on the history and evolution of the Microsoft operating system since its release back in 1985.

Aside from being highly nostalgic remembering the days of the Microsoft Office animated paperclip to recalling the 13 floppy disks—yes, I said floppy disks—required for installation of Windows 95, the infographic tells the story of an operating system developed in a garage by an inspired Harvard dropout who amassed a whopping $16,000 his first year in business.

Only four short years later, however, the company’s revenue was upwards of $1 million.

In all, the infographic illustrates the history of an operating system that has continually progressed and strived to find original ways to bring state-of-the-art technology to its customers. We’re confident that Windows 8 will be the next chapter in this company’s innovative story.
INFOGRAPHIC The Evolution of Windows OS From Beginning to Present
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