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Windows Media Player 12 Themes for Windows 7

Bored of your default Windows Media Player Skins?.

Grab some fresh and new Windows Media Player 12 themes for Windows 7!
Windows Media Player 12 Codecs
Windows Media Player 12 comes with support for DivX and MP4, but it still lacks supports for many other video formats.

(amr | mpc | ofr | divx | mka | ape | flac | evo | flv | m4b | mkv | ogg | ogv | ogm | rmvb | xvid)ù

A popular codec pack can be downloaded here and here.
Windows Media Player 12 Skins
The following skin packages includes some really awesome themes for your Windows Media Player:
  • Alienware Theme
  • Batman Theme
  • Catwoman Theme
  • Darkstar Theme
  • Half-Life Theme
  • Halo 2 Theme
  • The Last Samurai Theme
  • Stalker Theme
  • XBOX Theme
  • XSN Sports Them
Windows Media Player 12 Themes

Download Windows Media Player Themes Pack 1 (70 Skins)
Download Windows Media Player Themes Pack 2 (12 Skins)

New Year Theme 2010 for Windows 7
This theme can be downloaded for free from
Windows 7 New Year theme 2010
Download Windows 7 Themes

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Friday, December 25, 2009

4:39 AM

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